Of electricity or electrical in nature


         A thunderbolt,[adjective] gleaming,

         glittering; [feminine] lightning or a 

          shining  weapon. 

   verb :

        To shine, sparkle, be bright 

Who We Are

Vaidyut is an engineering consulting company which delivers value through innovative designs and solutions that helps our partners offer better products and services in the marketplace.

What We Do?

Vaidyut helps industries to evaluate novel technologies, explore futuristic applications and identify additional value streams in renewable energy and storage, electric automotive systems, automotive charging infrastructure, ultra-high frequency and small footprint power supplies, next generation protection control systems, providing trusted hardware and secured communications. The technology applications are in the following areas:

  • Grid-following and Grid-forming power electronic converters
  • Electric vehicle, aircraft and ship propulsion systems
  • Power charging infrastructure with on and off board power conversion and utility power interface
  • Power supplies used for military, medical, industrial, commercial, residential and transportation applications
  • Solid–state circuit breakers with wide bandgap devices, hardware-in-loop simulations and digital twins, inter–operability frameworks such as OpenFMB and scalability through Microsoft Azure and Amazon webservices
  • Communications for grid–tied inverters and balance of system components which integrate distributed energy resources with power grid

Our Partners

QM Power

Founded in 2006, QM Power are the inventers of greatest advancements in electric motor design the Q-Sync, An innovative AC-AC controller that eliminates the need for AC-DC conversion and Q-Mag, A breakthrough brushless electromagnetic machine with both permanent and electromagnets on the stator with a magnet-free rotor. QM Power is Recognized by US Department of Energy (DoE) as a “High Impact Technology


Open Energy Solutions

Open Energy Solutions (OES) seeks transparent, strategic relationships with its customers and strives to be known for its integrity and ability to execute as promised while providing innovation and thought leadership. OES strives to leverage its collective expertise and experience to make significant positive change in the utility industry that will improve the quality of life through the wiser use of energy. The primary focus of OES is to facilitate advanced technology transfer through providing professional and development services for regulated and unregulated energy suppliers and their customers.

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